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Dead Flat Eco Sealer


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Dead Flat Eco Sealer from Pure & Original Paint is an ideal topcoat for painted surfaces to maintain a matt finish while providing a durable, washable protective layer.

Use on walls and furniture.

– Heat resistant (up to more than 100 Degrees Celsius.)
– Has a very matt appearance
– Very washable
– Suitable for dilution
– Enhances the colour (colours will become slightly darker and stronger)

Especially applicable for painted surface in:

– kitchens
– bathrooms
– hallways
– children’s rooms
– and much more

This sealer can be applied to wood, walls and other surfaces, and friction (eg, whilst cleaning) does not blemish the finish.

We recommend waiting 7-10 days after painting your surface before applying the Dead Flat Eco Sealer, especially for heavy pigmented colours (eg, mid to dark shades). Also test the sealer on your surface first, then apply the sealer in thin coats with a flat brush, not with a roller. If applied too quickly or too thick, this can leave a white haze over the top of the colour, in particular to darker colours.

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