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Paint Distributor

Star Dealer - British Columbia

Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc is a Star Dealer / Regional Distributor for the province of British Columbia.

Please visit our online store and browse through the catalog. No matter the size of your request, we are here to help. We will ensure your orders are accurate and delivered in a timely manner.

Eco - Health Friendly Paints

  • Fresco Lime
  • Marrakech Walls
  • Classico Chalk
  • Licetto
  • Traditional Paint
  • Carazzo

Why Choose Us

Pure & Original authentic paint is produced with great respect for humanity and nature. All products meet the most stringent environmental requirements (VOC < 30) and are made in a traditional way by a family-owned factory using only the highest quality ingredients. The deep and vibrant colors are developed by Pure & Original and made with various natural pigments.

As a professional painter and artisanal finisher, we work directly with Pure & Original. We have experience with Pure & Original products and attended special training by Pure & Original. In addition to being a Star Dealer, we are also a Preferred P&O Installer and North American Trainer.

Any Questions?

We come and appraise your project, provide a clear estimate by phone, email, or in person, and after that, it’s up to you. Of course, if you have questions we’re always available to clarify.

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